Friday, March 13, 2009

Again....Friendship.... has been almost a month and I am still where I find myself pulled.
My girlfriend "M" has been struggling with her issues of her abusive relationship that will cost her custody of her daughter....and she does not seem to be able to steer clear of the drama or have the want to dump her significant other....whatever that role would be seeing that a TRUE LOVING RELATIONSHIP is nothing like the one she has. Poor girl....However...she is allowing all of this to happen. I love her so much, want to be there for her and help her anyway I possibly can, without getting stomped on, avoided or lied to by her. She is doing all of that to close herself off from hurting others...her true friends...however doesn't she see that in doing that she hurts us more?!
I have offered her prayers, thoughts, blessings, an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on...a hug when she feels down...and still we are where we were a year ago only her HEALTH has gone down hill and still coasting full steam ever more downward.
My GF Anastacia....has pointed out..."Some people don't want to be helped they like to have the drama, the attention."
Maybe....maybe not...only time will tell and for the record...I haven't nor can I walk away from her...wish I could life would be far less complicated...but I can't I love her too much. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for I am afraid this is all just beginning.

I pray she finds the strength within herself to do what she knows is right.
I pray she can find the benefit of being there for her daughter above all else.
I pray she finds the ONE PERSON who will truly make her happy.

I pray she understands my personal dilemma here and loves me anyways.


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Anonymous said...

Your faithfulness to your friends is amazing. I admire that in you. You are the greatest.