Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome into my humble home again my friends....

What has drawn you to my neck of the woods today? Curiousity or just plain boredom...haha!
You ever have those days where you want to do so many things you have been putting off...or start fresh some stupid task you set on the shelf months ago?
Well...I seem to be having those days alot lately...however the problem is...I don't start it...I haven't started any of my tasks I have started weeks ago...I just think...must get to that...and then..poof....I am off on another daily chore with little thought to really what is clinking around this head of mine.

I haven't really told you all....I have gotten custody of my three little neices who are a complete heandful...their mom (my baby sister) has went to prison for drug abuse...lemme tell you...there is alot of baggage for these girls and I have been doing my best...but lately doesn't seem to be good enough.
I mean we will manage and get by...but in the meantime trying to hold onto my wits and remember where i sat my besom might get sticky! LOL
Ok...i have blogged for my anything else i might whip up in my cauldron for the week will be a tah for now my avid readers....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am Back....

Okies people...I have been out for awhile...I guess that is what happens when you inherit 3 little neices full time. I am also engaged now to the "Torch" he is awesome! Oh, don't get me wrong...we have had our serious ups and kidding, I even left once. But all in all, we have decided that there is enough...SPARK there to see if we can ignite ourselves for the greater picture.
I have been planting, cleaning and cooking this summer, I have amended my wonderful friendships with "A and M" and thru lots of hard work I have managed to keep my head above water....
which here in Arkansas, is very hard to do considering how many undertows the rivers have here. LOL
I am in the middle of working a few spells out to help out a friend of a friend...and been trying to manage to escort myself down my hallway to meditate too, I have missed many conversations with my Goddess as of late.
All I can say, is I am one busy little witch and its about time I take my head out of my cauldron and look around for my BOS so I can write and renew and possibly recharge.

So, to those of you out there, I have missed you and to those of you who I haven't had the chance .... Merry Meet!

Welcome to my little neck of the woods and sit a spell with me for awhile....