Saturday, July 31, 2010

My other blog:

I am sorry I am not on here as much, I tend to be drawn to my other blog Cauldron of the Goddess. I am so busy with my job, the kids and life. If I am not on here much as the other one, I apologize. Bear with me...this one is where I tend to post my PERSONAL stuff. I try to keep the other one strictly for my skills and lessons I am learning and gathering.
There I am known as Guardian. I hope you all are doing well.
Brightest Blessings always )o(

Lovely Lammas...

In Celebration of our Lovely Lammas:

This sabbat is also referred to as Lughnasadh, Lunasa, Hlafmass, the festival of Loaves.

The days start growing shorter and fields are heavy with crops. The corn king is sacrificed and mourning begins for the death of the god (the Sun). This is the first of the Wiccan harvest festivals, it is of fire/light named for the Celtic god Lugh/Llew, Lord of Light.
Witches bake bread, put grain on their altars, count their blessings and give thanks to the Goddess. The smell of baked bread in the air combined with fire to start and cook the loaf, then the grain to help make the bread and water used to grow the grain and included in the recipe then of course the Spirit to enjoy the gift and adore the gift.
I will be baking some bread today in honor of Lammas tomorrow I will also include a candle burning of gold on my altar as well to give thanks to God and begin mourning the Sun as he begins to fade back a little further each day welcoming in Mabon....Autumn Equinox. *which truth be told is my favorite season.
Many blessings this day my friends. Brightest Blessings always. )o(

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Working on myself....

I have had so much happen in my life since I was last on here. The girls we were caring for are gone. They went back with their mother. I'd like to leave that baggage there if you don't mind.
Next, my Exhusband got remarried..which is great for him, but our two teenagers have been through so much at his hands. His new WIFEY is a horrid woman...she is very hateful and vendictive about me. Because he and I shared 22 years and 2 children..she is very ugly about me. Normally this wouldn't bother me because trust me I could care less, but the fact that she regulary tortures our making my blood boil and me not want to do the right thing. This has been very trying to my patience I assure you. My friends it is not very easy to turn the other cheek in many instances and this is one of them.
My "Torch" fiance and I are doing fine. We have our moments, our disagreements and our issues but we seem to be making a small go of it.
I pretty much have moved away from my small group of Girl Friends which isn't at my wishes. Ithink most just have too much LIFE going on just like me. As my kids got older I thought...I will have more time...more ME time...When I make time, my friends are unavailable which trust me...I totally understand.

I keep thinking that life will slow down and allow me to breathe. I keep waiting. I will keep you posted. I am happy, healthy and alive so I thank the Goddess daily.

I am sure I will see you along my journey...if I stick to the path. LOL