Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bored...very bored...

Okie dokie folks....

It is Sunday...I took my kids back to meet my they can head home. It was wonderful even having them for one night! We had left overs, drank hot tea w/honey, took bubble baths, and watched some tv and gabbed until my "Boy Toy" got home from work. hehehe

The kids really like him and he really tries to get to know them. I am very lucky girl huh?

Then why is most of my time spent either cleaning, cooking or trying to cuddle with my boy toy and he is so standoffish with me. He has been married twice and a guy with a particular job that makes him emotionally closed off...he is trying to open up and be more cuddley but the problem is he works nights and he sleeps most of the day. So, now I am sitting here in a dark house...typing this and bored out of my mind.

I would love to be cuddling or snuggling or making love right now...he...he is not feeling well again and doesn't want to cuddle and wants to lay in bed and watch the telly.

I understand this, but I would love for him to just stroke my hair or hold my hand.

Does this make me needy? Desperate? Lonely? Depressed?

No...just makes a healthy vivacious woman with needs. I will go...grab my Quilt and snuggle up with a good book and some coffee...later girls!

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Anonymous said...

This doesn't make you needy. Baby steps sweetie! Baby steps!