Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My beginning

I have attempted this blog 3x now and don't know where or how to begin.
My girlfriend lured me onto this site with her addiction to blogging.
I think....hmmmm....can't hurt right? LOL

I just ended my 19 year marriage to my High School Sweetheart and both our children still live with him as to be able to finish school with their friends seeing that I moved away. I was one of those "Active" moms...PTO, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, YBMA, Girls Soccer, Orchestra, Home Room name it I did it! My kids were my life. That is how I think I managed to stay in that marriage for so long, being unhappy and neglected emotionally and physically.
Don't get me wrong...he isn't a bad guy & he is a wonderful dad!
But as a husband...I found him lacking. I am sure he found me lacking too! Hence the divorce.
If it wasn't for my family and friends...I wouldn't have made it out sane.
I feel like there is alot of wisdom that I have to share with where I have been and the roads I have taken.
Needless to say...I have alot of baggage. ROFL
For all those out there who wish to listen....pull up a chair...for those who don't...SEE YA!

Peace I am outta here for now!

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Kendl said...

Welcome to the blogging world. I think you will love it.