Thursday, February 26, 2009


Ever wonder what that means?
I used to think I knew...however....I have several girlfriends in my life...."A" and "S-Ms.Coffee" & "M-the Partier"...
well...two of the three are awesome friends...there for me no matter what...have my back and brutally honest no matter what. And folks that is what I need!
The other one..."M"...she could have been a true friend. But the issue here is she has been so wrapped up in her own drama...she doesn't seem to care about anyone else.
I mean we all have our bad days, awful baggage...but some of that disolves when you forgo your own needs and help someone else.
I have known each of these WOMEN for years...and I haven't always been the type of friend to them I should am constantly working on bettering myself to be there for them whenever they should need me.
Maybe not financially or physically but absolutely emotionally.

You know...Women can be catty, backstabbing, and terrible to each other...that is usually what you tend to hear...but what about the ones who don't do that?
Take time to be there...through thick and thin, through bad relationship to no relationship?

My Girlfriends...A & S are above and beyond! I can't do enough for them or get enough of them...
They are my world...along with my kids...
You are judged by the company you keep and actions speak louder than words.

HMMMM so I I tend to ramble on here....
Why doesn't some women like "M" get it?
Move on....heal...get better...take time for honest & loyal no matter how you feel.
All in all, I am dropping her as a friend. Moving on...I have worked too hard to make myself positive and be there for her...she doesn't obviously care about me like that...SHAME SHAME...
and of course ...I feel terrible guilt for walking away.
May MY GODDESSES lead me where I am most needed and teach me patience & kindness.

I talk tough don't I?
I hope I will hold tough and do it...I am such a SUCKER! LOL

Fingers crossed folks..I am headed out!

Shutting that door and not looking back...then why? do I feel so sad?

Oh, well...just breathe!

Good-bye "M"...see you when you perfect yourself enough to be there for others and gain some positive energy back for yourself...until then...Peace!


Anonymous said...

Well said my friend. Well said.

Jade Myst said...

Just an FYI...I failed....I had to go and see "M" and I knew I shouldn't but....I want to be the type of friend I KNOW she needs but can't be herself...or maybe I just like to get taken for granted! LOL
Again...I think this life I am supposed to learn: Tolerance, perseverence, forgiveness, kindness, acceptance & spiritual growth. Of course...I don't seem to be achieving all that I should...HMMMMMM!
May the Lord & Lady Bless me in my endeavors and may my journey be worth the trip.