Sunday, February 22, 2009

Self Observations...

I have been a very bad girl as of lately....
I have not been taking time for myself, or meditating or even cracking open a book.
I usually love to read, do some yoga, burn incense, meditate & work a few rituals into my day.
Lately I have faltered...laid around the house...ate to my stomach's delight...and did NOTHING.

However...I just recently went out to dinner with my GF..."A" and had a Girls Night out, dropped by Coffee shop for some YUMMY coffee...went to hastings and laid in the floor and giggled at the Astrology books in the new age section...found an awesome book on my Goddess ISIS...and reconnected with my inner wishes to start reading and pursing my BOS again.

Can I just say...Quirky?
I mean just when I have stepped away and given no time to myself and feeling overpowered and run down by life's little comes a fresh breeze of GIRL POWER and Hand over Heart Love for myself and those around me.

This is where my chosen path enlighten myself...gain knowledge and make time for those around me...including me.

I adore Isis and Mother Goddess...most of all I love myself and my Family & friends.

So, as I climb into bed tonight I will be counting my blessings...and show my appreciation for my gift of life that I have been given and live it to the fullest.
For life is what we make of it and I choose to make the most of mine!

Blessed Be Fellow Friends & Bloggers....Blessed Be...

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