Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine's Day Memo:

Just got done getting myself a jump start on Valentines Day...hehhehehe
Man...I was walking up and down the isles at Wally World and realized...what a marketing ploy...
There were these men all fretting what to get their women in their lives...from chocolates, to stuffed animals, edible panties, pens with fuzz on the end of them and candles or CD's. WHEW!

You know what I want? each day...
I believe its the small things in life...the words that you never take time to say, the moments that while your head is tilted back he nuzzles you in the hollow of your neck and utters "I Love You".
What about making dinner one night so you don't have to, or getting take out.
What about running your bath & Laying out your pj's and giving you a massage after a nice soak?
What about simply texting you and asking ..."How is your day Sweetie?"

These are the small things I hope for...not gifts...not store bought crap that will add pounds to my large fluffy waist or not the one day Large gesture crap that doesn't mean anything...

Give me a guy like this everyday and I would be a satisfied lady.
Girls? Any other ideas?
One quick tip though....I believe that if I require these things...I should be able to do them as well and I guy...walks in each night to a clean meal...and a smile and a flirtatious eye wink asking how his night at work I am recently divorced after 19 years...I take NOTHING for granted anymore.

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