Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well gals & pals...

I am so THRILLED with my bestie "Anastacia" because she has finally started our "Magickal Sisters" blog!

It has been a long time coming and we deserve it!
I dunno that we have lots to offer or sound advice..HAHAHA
But what we have is sparks of ideas...interesting bits of knowledge...tons of questions to get answered ourselves!
That is what it is all about you know...GIRL POWER & Seeking Knowledge...for knowledge is power.
We believe in the Three Fold Law and following the Wiccan Rede.
I am proud of who I am and where I have been...most of all...I am blessed.

So...without further stalling....

That way this blog can be about my divorce and kids & other items of baggage.....and the other one can be about my love of all things Wiccan!


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