Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pink Panther...

Okay girls...

I have learned a valuable lesson...
When you are at your EX husband's house...don't snoop!
I was just hanging out checking some stuff and a random site to his facebook opened up via his password.
I couldn't help was like i had the angel on one be a good girl!
Then there was that naughty little vixen..whispering..who would know?!
So, stupid me...I snooped...looked in his inbox and yes...found a certain email about me and his certain feelings and his honest, truthful, in confidence opinion tore open my heart and bled it out.

I don't know if its because we dated all thru junior high and high school or he was my first love and married to him for 19 years...but his opinion does matter.
Especially about our kids....
Broke my heart...but I guess I deserved it because I snooped.

He is also entitled to his opinion...after all...I broke his heart by being unfaithful in the end and leaving him and divorcing is probably the saint here.
Don't get me wrong...there were tons of instances in our marriage where he faltered..although I will not go into them..they are issue here...

DON'T do it...cause even if no one is looking or would know...YOU will and aren't supposed to know.

EVER, ever!

Lesson: learned chalk one up to karma!

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Kendl said...

I am so sorry sweetie. Try not to take to much of it to heart. He is still hurting and so he may have said things that he will regret one day.