Thursday, October 1, 2009

The 3 little Birdies....or Terrors?

I have three nieces that I have driven you all nutz about talking about them....or whining about them and the issues I have faced while The Torch and I are taking care of them....

1st Girl Goofy who is sweet and funny but yet, manages to never HEAR me when I am addressing her unless of course when she wants to...rofl

2nd Drama Queen who is extra cuddly and throws such awful pouting fits and her faces know the old addage "If looks could kill?" you get it

3rd Psycho she is autistic has has severe weird moments where she even speaks a newly created language by herself to only herself..then out of the three she has what I call rainman syndrome too....she has the best response w/manners...its uncanny and puts the other two to shame

I have really gotten to know these girls over the past few months...and known that I have no limits...thought I did...then realize that the HUMAN condition when neccessary is capable of performing any task within reason when there are no choices. They are lovely girls...with a bright future, no thanks to their mother (Pill Popper) she has only gotten high for herself over these last few years and I guess it gripes my butt that my Mother (Denial) has decided to cover her back....throw me and my other sister (Superwoman) to the long as Pill Popper is taken care of its all good. Besides according to Denial.....Pill Popper is doing so well!
I want Pill Popper to be well...sober....clean and a good mom for these girls, I want always works...always a blessing.
I have never meant it more I promise...because as good as I am...I have raised my own children....and trying to find out who I am...hard to do w/three little girls in tow.

So, I am off to cause havoc today and maybe mixed w/alittle mischief...who knows where this Witch's Path will lead.

Brightest Blessings and I am hoping for some refreshing, cleansing rain today.


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